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YEMEK Doha Catering Services

Who We Are

YEMEK Istanbul was established in Turkey 30 years ago. The company was launched in Doha, Qatar as YEMEK Doha Catering Services, offering private, corporate, and commercial catering services with excellent quality and incomparable value.

YEMEK Doha is a well-known company that originated in Turkey, and is now working with Qatar’s leading entities, becoming a trusted supplier of professional chefs and hospitality specialists of the local industry.

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Unbeatable Capabilities.

Exceptional State of the Art Kitchens

YEMEK Doha’s brand new facilities are the newest and largest of their kind in Qatar, with a 5,000 sqm. kitchen capable to produce up to 100,000 meals per day.

Fresh Forward Thinking

A vigorous management team is leading and steering the company into great success, through a growing culture of teamwork, culinary excellence, and integrity. YEMEK Doha holds itself at a high stature for its constant and consistent quality of delivering food, service, and value.

The Partnership

With its partnership with YEMEK Istanbul, YEMEK Doha is becoming one of the country's biggest and most anticipated companies in the catering and facility management sector with several outlets and destinations operating at various upscale locations.

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YEMEK Istanbul.

YEMEK Istanbul dedicates over 30 years of experience in the catering sector offering a service at world class standards, with implementing a new system that brings big advantages to customers on price, quality and hygiene, YEMEK Istanbul maintains its services based on superior ingredient quality, healthy production, and absolute customer satisfaction.

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Our People Well-being.

YEMEK Doha pays very close attention to employees' well-being to enable them to provide their best to YEMEK Doha's customers with a quality service.

The well-being of our staff and our clients is paramount, and this is reflected by a commitment to standard practices in health and hygiene in every level of our operations.

Optimum employee management and the development of each person’s talents are the corner stone of our strategy. YEMEK Doha is committed to encouraging the teams’ motivation and continuous staff training, with respect for working conditions as fundamental principles.

We invest in our people though talent development and our diversified ongoing training programs, techniques and performance recognition Programs that boost productivity, innovation and employee satisfaction while developing a successful career.

Our Kitchen.

We create custom menus for all our clients. We believe that great ingredients should speak for themselves. We source locally, support green practices and give back to our community.

We love crafting custom experiences for our clients and their guests. Our 600 professional chefs of global fame bring the best of the world to the platter right in front of you.

Our chefs are masters of 15 cuisines, able to serve Oriental to Turkish, Asian, Filipino, European or American dishes, we have expert hands.

The Management.

All strategic choices and major decisions are made by the members of the executive board, who are highly experienced and offer a wealth of versatile, complementary expertise.

The Team.

We owe our success to our dynamic team of passionate, skillful, and innovative professionals, skillful, and innovative professionals. We pride ourselves in their commitment to quality, work, and ethics.

Over 1,500 talented and ambitious cooks, hospitality professionals and logistics specialists make up our company’s first-class team, bringing with them a huge range of cultures, experience, and expertise.

Instilling confidence, empowerment and principles in our people is an integral component in creating the fun, creative and honest environment that exists within our kitchens and company overall.