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YEMEK Doha Catering Services

Who We Are

YEMEK Istanbul was established in Turkey 30 years ago. The company was launched in Doha, Qatar as YEMEK Doha Catering Services, offering private, corporate, and commercial catering services with excellent quality and incomparable value.

YEMEK Doha is a well-known company that originated in Turkey, and is now working with Qatar’s leading entities, becoming a trusted supplier of professional chefs and hospitality specialists of the local industry.

The Partnership

With its partnership with YEMEK Istanbul, YEMEK Doha is becoming one of the country's biggest and most anticipated companies in the catering and facility management sector with several outlets and destinations operating at various upscale locations.

We cater around the table and around the clock

360-Degree Services

YEMEK Doha Catering delivers bespoke, dependable and unconventional catering solutions to its clients. From menu design and culinary skills, logistic management, to on-board catering and hotel services, YEMEK Doha provides everything depending on the clients' needs.

From commercial catering, corporate events, and company meetings to private dinner parties, we produce up to 70,000 meals per day. YEMEK Doha promises to deliver the same exceptional service and attention to detail.

As a catering company, it is our duty to cater to every client’s unique and personal taste. Our exceptional team of professionals’ work on thoroughly understanding customers’ requests and food preferences, to create a unique menu, no matter the size or nature of our client’s requests.